Brokeboy Champ Discusses His Roots, New Projects and Offers Advice to Independents

Greg Reynoso Journalist

Independent music artist Brokeboy Champ sat down to share more about his hometown Jacksonville, Florida, and offers his advice to other rising independents. Brokeboy Champ arrived on my radar while sifting through music of friends, and friends of theirs. After discussing his plans for the remainder of this year, I am excited to keep this independent artist from Jacksonville on my radar, Brokeboy Champ could be one of this year’s breakthrough artist.

Brokeboy Champ

I appreciate your time, before we jump into specific questions, why don’t you tell us more about your story.
Brokeboy Champ is a recording artist from Jacksonville,Florida born July 9,1992. Brokeboy Champ has been writing and recording music 3 years now and has a strong passion for his art. He placed 1st in the Futures free bands contest, as well as boosie syndicate unsigned artist contest… the best way to describe him is “Undeniable talent”….

Tell us more about your new release “X’D OUT”
That was just a little something I did messing around in the studio one night rolling,and I liked how it sounded so I just made into song and it was straight freestyle you feel me!

What can listeners expect throughout 2021 from you?
Listeners,fans, and the competition can expect to see and hear a lot more of me, I’m constantly writing and recording music as well as shooting videos, I see the key to being successful in the music industry is being relevant and staying consistent. And I have a wonderful team and 2 managers that constantly push and support me. Plus we independent so we can drop music and videos whenever we want with asking a major label for permission.

What advice would you give to other independents on the rise?
Best advice I can give to upcoming artist is stay on top of your craft, make sure you have a good team backing that you can trust, have social media presence which you can engage with your fans, try to stay original in your own sound,and last stay consistent and focused… keep applying pressure eventually that door gone open for sure..

You can stream the latest project from Brokeboy Champ named “Stuck in my ways” by pressing the play button above. Connect with Brokeboy Champ on Instagram @brokeboychamp14 to keep up with his new projects.