Joel Robertson Is a Breath of Fresh Air In Convicting and Honest Single “Hollywood Lies”

Paul Hernandez Contributor

Rising artist Joel Robertson is a name you need on your radar. The first time I listened to his new record, “Hollywood Lies,” I was ironically blown away by the truth that the lyrics spoke. It was not your typical sappy pop hit or love song, but more clear-cut, honest, and convicting songwriting at its finest. It’s more than safe to say Robertson is a rare-breed, soulfully talented and setting the standard for creative innovation when spearheading lyrical direction and themes in music.

The powerful, cinematic and eloquent production perfectly complements Joel’s dual artistic skillset as he seamlessly flows along with the heavenly anthemic instrumentation. Joel’s brilliance is equally present and particularly apparent, and his energy is consistent throughout, not showing any signs of timidness or regret when belting out the song’s catchy hook. Aligning with his status as a currently independent artist, the theme “Hollywood Lies” serves as a memorable chorus that’s easy to sing along to and relevant to the music industry’s current state.

It’s undeniable that Joel Robertson is a fast-rising recording artist definitely on his way to cementing his stance within the music world. Honest passion, sincere songwriting and keen attention to detail are evident in Joel’s work and marks of a true artist. Fanatics want to connect with songwriters beyond their music, and Joel Robertson does a fantastic job tugging at our heartstrings by wearing his own on his sleeve. The truth is, record labels are developing artists at such a fast rate that budding songwriters and recording artists need to really strategize their gameplan if they’re wanting to remain distinguished, Robertson seems to have a handle on thinking outside the box and paving his own lane–we can’t wait to hear what else he has in store.

Do us a favour, go and stream Joel’s music and be sure to check out his record “Hollywood Lies,” you’re in for an absolute treat.