347aidan and Kenny Beats

Look Out for Ontario’s 347aidan All 2021 and Beyond

Greg Reynoso Journalist

Ontario artist 347aidan recently released his first single of 2021 titled “IDWK” on all major platforms, matching the energy felt off of his breakthrough release “Dancing in My Room”. This new release from 347aidan arrives with an accompanying animated music video directed by the multifaceted artist himself and by Ryan Dylan Selkirk. The animated music video transports you to “347 World”, a trippy alternate place of distraction and self-struggle. With the animated music video portraying its own message, fans are be able to connect with the track drawing familiar experiences of their own. For his single “IDWK”, 347aidan collaborated with Kenny Beats to build upon his raw vocals and offer what is building up to be a fan favorite. In a recent interview with Complex, 347aidan explains more on keeping his raw vocals when working with Kenny Beats.

Yeah. I’ve actually never edited a song or had anyone edit my songs. So I don’t really know how a song’s done when they’re edited. When I got to Kenny’s house, I remember I took one vocal take and there was Auto-Tune on it, and I stepped out of the booth and I was like, “Take that shit off.” He was like, “OK bro, I got you.” So we just recorded it, raw vocals, and I’m definitely going to keep that sound for now.

347aidan in 347aidan Wants to Make Your Day, Complex

Personal favorites from the young artist include “Demons and Monsters” and “Diablo“, two tracks that offer separate sounds from the talented artist. Watch the animated music video for “IDWK” from 347aidan below.