Jesse D Poole in 2021

Multifaceted Creator Jesse D Poole Releases Resourceful Photography Book for Capturing Better Photos

Greg Reynoso Journalist
Modern Photography: Your Guide to Taking Great Photographs
Release Date
March 14, 2021
Jesse D Poole
How-to, Photography
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Jesse D Poole is the Creative Director of Poole Media Co. located in Natchitoches, Louisiana, a successful full-service media, entertainment, and digital marketing company that primarily helps small to medium-sized businesses throughout Louisiana reach their digital goals. Jesse being a multifaceted creator, skilled and resourceful in his profession, recently launched a brand new self-published book detailing how to capture better photos, available on Amazon Kindle and Paperback. Jesse’s latest book, titled “Modern Photography: Your Guide to Taking Great Photographs“, walks the reader through easy to follow techniques, tips and tricks, and more for taking great pictures regardless the camera you find yourself capturing with.

With a wide variety of factors to consider when it comes to capturing the
perfect picture, Jesse leverages his experience and passion to explain within his book, “Modern Photography: Your Guide to Taking Great Photographs” how others can learn to capture the
perfect moment in little time.

Jesse shares more about what inspired him to write this resourceful guide below.

Photography is such a great industry because there are so many different
opportunities to take advantage of!

This project was an absolute blast because I got to do what I love while at the
same time being able to share knowledge with the world.

Jesse D Poole on his latest book